POEM: Ocean Of Emotion


Hi again, here's another poem! To me, this poem is about trying to overcome the fear of someone saying something you don't expect. Because I plan out most of the conversations I have, I tend to have excess scenarios in my head of things that could have happened if I followed through on the conversations.

Hope you like it. :)


Ocean Of Emotion

I can’t see from my eyes anymore,

Fell in a sea and washed ashore


The ocean of my emotion swallowed me whole

Ran too fast and fell down the rabbit hole


This commotion of emotion is too much to bear,

Am I condemned to a reality no one else can see?


I game out these scenarios of things that could happen,

Why is it that these moments rarely come to pass?


I think too much, can't get the words out of my head,

Because truly I am afraid of what can be said


I don't want to have these conversations I've planned for,

There's a chance you'll say something I haven't expected,

Change the pace to a tune I haven't prepared

So instead of risking the chance, I let these words stay in my head


These words, scenarios, that could but never did,

They fill up and up my brain and swallow me whole,

Until I'm drowning in a sea of words you could have said,

Things that could have happened if I just picked up the courage,

Events that could have passed if I would have just said a few words


These are the things that bother me most,

Not the words I've said, or the things I've done,

But the ones I didn't say, and didn't do

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