My Christmas Haul 2018!


Hello friends and welcome to my Christmas haul 2018! In this (probably long) blog, I’m going to write about and show you (with pictures) what I got for Christmas this year.


I will be skipping some of the stocking stuffers because it was mostly food… and I ate all of it already. (We opened the stockings on the 21st).


(Side note: I put the small things on a wood backdrop so you could see them better in the pictures, so if the background changes from wood to white, it’s purposeful.)


Let’s get right in!


The first thing I’d like to talk about is one of the only stocking stuffers that got on this list, which is a super cute sheet of pop-out space stickers. I put some on my monitor and it’s super cute!


Also included in my stocking was a cute compact mirror!


My wonderful sister, Ellie, made all of the women in the family lipsticks and lipgloss!


Next we’re moving on to Secret Santa gifts! My whole family did a Secret Santa gift exchange and one of my sisters, Ellie, got me, and I mean, she went CRAZY. She got me an entire basket of slime supplies! Like, glitter, mica powder, crunchy beads, fishbowl beads, charms, glue… you name it!

… yeah, it was awesome…


So we’re finally moving on to Christmas! Let’s start with small and go bigger.


First, I got a pack of Sencha Naturals Green Tea Mints in the flavor of Moroccan Mint!


Next, I got a lil’ Pusheen The Cat coin purse/keychain floof! It’s also in my favorite colors, mint, lavender (on the inside), and pastel pink!


One of my favorite gifts, I got a big 9x12 watercolor pad! I already painted on it and it is really nice paper.


Next, to go with the watercolor pad, I got a set of 48 watercolor pencils by ARTEZA!


Vessel by Twenty One Pilots! That’s right, Vessel. You know, the best album ever created? Yeah, that album.


Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, now for the main event… A ukulele!! I could not and still cannot believe my eyes. An acoustic-electric concert ukulele. And it’s all mine!

That concludes my awesome Christmas haul for 2018. See you next time!

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