14 Ways To Get Rid Of Writer's Block


We all know it. That feeling of nothing. No inspiration. Writer's block can stop your creative thought process and kill the momentum you have going. Here are 14 ways to get rid of it!

Look around: Try cleaning up. A lot of times you’re just too "meh" to do anything. Are the things on your desk distracting you? Limit the amount of items on your workspace.

Hungry? Maybe you’re just too hungry to write! Try getting a snack to boost you back into the writing spirit! Get a scone at your local cafe, or maybe some pizza at your favorite pizza place. Whatever you want, be sure to pair it with a glass of water, thirst can also cause writer’s block.

Try something new: Write in the park or your local cafe! A change of scenery can set you back in the right mood!

Forgot something? Collar too tight? Hair too messy? Try changing your clothes, brushing your hair, or washing your face. Any of those can distract you and make it hard to write.

Music: Does your music not fit with what you’re writing? Do you have no music? Either one is a major problem! Try finding soundtracks from a movie that fit the mood and feel. Try making a playlist for each mood.

Take a break: Take a 15 minute break to contemplate what will happen next. Planning can save you from a disaster, and you could use a refreshing break now and then. Take your mind off of the subject, and pick it up later.

Read a book: Reading an inspiring book can get you in the right mood. Try matching the genre, feel, writing style, etc. A book paired with a tea is a perfect way to melt away writer's block!

Films: Movies and TV shows are a great source of inspiration! Taking a break from your book and putting your mind on something else will also get rid of writer's block.

Ask a friend: If you have writer’s block or you are stuck on a certain scene, ask a friend for some advice. Character building, story re-composition and the like can help get you out of a writing ditch.

Don’t Try: Do not try to write! Just write whatever comes to mind. You can edit later. If you feel like what you’re writing is bad, you are probably right. Again, you can edit later. I know it is hard, but you have to fight the inner-editor.

Handwrite it: Try handwriting some of it! Taking a break from a computer screen can help get your inspiration back on track.

Part 2: Sometimes you’re just bored of a certain book. Try writing a different book in your series, or a different book altogether. If you are writing a book to get it done, you shouldn’t be writing the book! Write it later, when you want to.

Research: If your story is set in a boat, plane, etc, and you don’t know what it’s like to be in any of those, you have a problem! It makes sense that you would get writer’s block! In this situation, research is your best friend.

I hope this helps you cure your writer’s block, as it does mine. Until next time!

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